• Thierry

    After not being able to tour with the show in 2016, I am so pleased to be back and look forward to see all the friends I have made across the UK.

  • Nikki

    I was born in Bangkok, love watching TV listening to music, I studied beauty therapy and one day i would love to have my own Salon

  • Nichol

    I am from Samutprkhan City close to Bangkok, I love Fashion and enjoy making clothes and love shopping for clothes too! I’d like to afford to buy a house for me and my family one day.

  • Sonja

    I was raised in small rural village, but my parents wanted me to have a good education, so they sent me to live with relatives in Bangkok, I went to both school and college. I started working in other cabaret shows, but my goal was to perform with the Ladyboys of Bangkok, I was so pleased to be chosen and have never taken my role for granted and always strive to give it my best performance, my idol is J-lo

  • Bombay

    I have always loved the Theatre and was always dancing as a child, singing along to all the pop songs on the radio.  I love dancing and love being a show girl with the Ladboys of Bangkok, when I have free time I love to travel and try and see other shows, I would love to go to Paris to see the Cabaret shows there.

  • Jennifer

    I am from Nonthburi which is near to Bangkok, I did Marketing in University. I am interested in fashion and love reading fashion magazines and have a collection of ‘Vogue’ from around the world.  Someday, I would love to be a designer and have my own clothing line.

  • Natty

    I graduaterd from university majoring in Marketing, my hobbies are playing with my dog which I miss so much as he can’t come on tour with me.  My favourite city is London and my favourite singer is Nicki Minaj.

  • Naomi

    I was born in Bangkok, I went to university. I love the movies and this is where my love of acting and dancing comes from, I love being able to take on different roles in the show and have enjoyed getting involved in the comedy numbers too. I love gardening and am good at cutting hair; which is always good when we’re busy touring.

  • Jacqueline

    I was born in Bangkok, I graduated with a degree in Fashion design, I love to read but I love to shop more! I love to draw and design amazing dresses. My favourite city is Newcastle and even though I love pop music, people are surprised to find out my passion for classical music. Eventually I would love to have my own boutique, and who knows even with my own fashion line.

  • Ole

    I was born in Phetchabun, I went to High School but not university. I love watching movies and listening to music, my favourite being Beyonce. I love Thai food especially noodles. I never thought I would work with the Ladyboys of Bangkok, but discovered I had an ability to make people laugh and they chose me when I auditioned. I love travelling with the show as I get to see many places.

  • Sak

    I was born in Bangkok. I did go to university and studied Business Administration. Apart from the show, my loves are gardening, interior design and of course costume design.

  • Nicky

    I come from Surat Thani, Koi Sumui. I was encouraged to audition by Ta.  I went along to the auditions and was chosen, it was a hard decision to make to leave my family and Thailand, but I am glad I did, I have had a fantastic time with the show and look forward to the future.

  • Oak

    I was born in Aug Thong, I graduated from high school, however I was unable to go to university as I had to get a job to help support my family. I enjoy reading and I am quite spiritual and enjoy reaeding about Buddhist teachings. Apart from dancing I love cooking Thai food, my favourite being Thai Papaya Salad. I love pop music and my favourite city is Edinburgh. One day I would like to have my own Thai restaurant.

  • Sook

    I am from Bangkok originally and was one of the male lead dancers at the “Calyspo” Cabaret. I was given the opportunity to audition for The Ladyboys of Bangkok and managed to secure a place on the this year’s tour. I am so glad that I did, its an amazing opportunity!. I have always been interested in music, fashion and food! my favourite’s being Beyonce, Dior and Italian.

  • Odet

    Like Sook I am from Bangkok and also a lead dancer at the “Calypso” Cabaret. I love musicals, my favourite being “cabaret” and I really loved Catherine Zita Jones in the film version, I love pop music, but I’m also a soppy romantic and love Celine Dion, I would love to see her in one of her Las Vegas Shows…..hopefully one day!