• Dew

    Mr Phachira Sea-Tea (Dew) grew up in Mukdahan, in the northern region of Thailand, on the right bank of the Mekong River. The 2019 Lady Boys of Bangkok tour marked the first time Dew had been away from Thailand, but she has loved exploring the UK!

  • Lilly

    Mr Jakkrit Lannok (Lilly) hails form Khonkaen, a city famed for its Buddhist Temples. Lilly has star quality running through her veins, she’s a dazzling dancer and a big Nicki Minaj fan.

  • Arthur

    Mr Arthur Dy Saensuk (Arthur), our newest “boy” dancer, was born in Bangkok, but part-raised in Utah, so you may hear a cross Atlantic twang in his accent if you find yourself speaking to him!

  • Thierry

    Mr Napat Wuttiprayoon (Thierry) is so pleased to be back for another year and is looking forward to seeing all the friends he has made across the UK! His favourite pop star is Lady Gaga.

  • Nikky

    Mr Ekkarat Buppapason (Nikky) was born in Bangkok. She studied beauty therapy and one day would like to have her own salon. In her downtime she loves watching TV and listening to music. People say she looks like Rihanna, who also happens to be her favourite singer!

  • Amy

    Mr Apirak Panklam (Amy) is from Samutprkhan City close to Bangkok. She loves fashion, enjoys making clothes… and likes shopping for them even more! Her favourite pop star is Beyoncé.


  • Sonja

    Mr Uten Pengsa-ard (Sonja) was raised in small rural village, but her parents wanted her to have a good education, so they sent Sonja to live with relatives in Bangkok. Sonja started working in other cabaret shows, but her goal was always to perform with The Lady Boys of Bangkok! Her idol is J-Lo.

  • Bombay

    Mr Kornwarin Kaewjaima (Bombay) has a lifelong love of the theatre and was always dancing as a child, and singing along to pop songs on the radio.  Bombay is a make-up queen as well as a show girl with The Lady Boys of Bangkok. When she has free time she loves to travel and see other shows; her dream is to go to Paris to see the cabaret shows there.

  • Jennifer

    Mr Sathaporn Taegpradit (Jennifer) is from Nonthburi which is near to Bangkok. Jannifer studied marketing at university, loves reading fashion magazines and has a collection of ‘Vogue’ issues from around the world.  Someday, she would love to be a designer and have her own clothing line.

  • Nat

    Mr Sompong Jumninekoon (Nat) graduated from university majoring in marketing. Her hobbies are playing with her dog (she misses him so much as he can’t come on tour!) Nat’s favourite city is London and her top singer is Nicki Minaj.

  • Naomi

    Mr Pornput Liamtubnoi (Naomi) was born in Bangkok. Naomi is obsessed with the movies and this is where her love of acting and dancing come from. She loves being able to take on different roles in the show and has enjoyed getting involved in the comedy numbers too. Naomi loves gardening and is good at cutting hair, which is always handy when the cast are busy touring!

  • Ole

    Mr Decha Nuchangsing (Ole) was born in Phetchabun. He never thought he would work with The Lady Boys of Bangkok, but he discovered he had an ability to make people laugh and was thrilled to be chosen! Ole loves travelling with the show as he gets to see many places.

  • Mr Sak

    Mr Surasak Suthajinda (Mr Sak) was born in Bangkok. He studied business administration. He is the compere in the show, but away from that, his loves are gardening, interior design and costume design.

  • Oak

    Mr Taweesak Samdangrit (Oak) was born in Aug Thong. He enjoys reading, and is quite spiritual so enjoys reading about Buddhist teachings in particular. Apart from dancing and pop music he likes cooking Thai food; his favourite dish is Thai Papaya Salad. One day he would like to have his own Thai restaurant. His favourite city is Edinburgh, which is also where The Lady Boys of Bangkok made its debut!

  • Steven

    Mr Pichit Jaemsai (Steven / Sook) is from Bangkok originally and was one of the male lead dancers at the “Calyspo” Cabaret. He’s always been interested in music, fashion and food: his quick-fire favourites are Beyoncé, Dior and Italian!